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Artist: Glen River
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River has made art since childhood. He studied art at The Cleveland Ins. Of Art, S.V.A., Art Students League, The Silvermine College Of Art, A.F.A., Yale University, B.F.A., M.F.A., and The Ruskin School Of Drawing. During the 70's he lived and worked in Europe and the U.S.A. River continues to be interested in the primitive subconscious, and cultural stories about art and nature. A sociological awareness was fostered by his many travels. A sense of "Place" as expression of identity continues to influence his art. River is also a computer geek who has developed proprietary intellectual property involved in his mixed media art. His prolific nature has maintained pace with technology.

River studied methods and materials of various schools of art. He continued gathering of knowledge from living artists as well as books. Sir Charles Lock Eastlake offered an index of old masters methods in Methods & Materials Of Painting Of The Great Schools & Masters. Picasso was an index to the transition from European tradition to modern abstraction. Major influences of contemporary artists were Hirum Koppelman, Bob Gray, Jack Tworkove, Lester Johnston, Alfred Leslie, Tom Piper, Charls & Lisa Daugherty and Gus Moran. Tremendously prolific, River’s work pursues a mythic pictorial "Portraits Of Place". His "periods" often develop simultaneously in a continuous stream. His work can be found in private collections throughout the world.

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